Monday, July 29, 2013

All's Faire

Robin may have
mentioned that she has an alter-ego
 she may have mentioned that her alter-ego pursues acting and works
Renascence faires as a princess or duchess.

Now she will tell you more stories about them, and all the trouble she does cause.

Once upon a time, in the land of not so long ago, Robin did play the Duchess Andromeda Praetoria of WinterHall of the Iron Peaks. She does have another blog all about her costume.

She does get to walk around and look pretty day. She has been told that actors don't know how to work hard...she disagrees. Do you have any idea what ti takes to look put togather, on pose, and always on your toes all day? She certainly doesn't envy the queens of old!!

She does have a sister, and they do both get into trouble. They both wear the same color gowns, both styled the same. They are both strawberry blond and wear black corsets and tiaras.
Their own father did get them both mixed up.
It has been told to them that before the end of the run they may amass an army of man-followers.
Robin doubts this, but her sister enjoys the idea.

Robin did take over the throne the other day. She then called for Pirates and Ice Cream to be brought to her, but none came. The only thing that was brought to her was the Queen, who very shortly put an end to the Duchess's rule.

She taught the Duke to dance and they preformed upon stage for the Wooing Contest. They did win.

She did wear Sir Friz Wotwot Von Friz Wot, A very dashing firbie, upon her head. He was a bit suicidal and leaped off when she did give a jouster a hug.

She has tromped through mud puddles, danced in the rain, kidnapped the exchecker (check book in ye olde English!), and had a fine old time whist doing it.

She has managed to stab a sword through her dress (a metal one), worn a training ring from the joust field as a hat, helped a beautiful little princess become a member of the royal guard academy, seen the royal guard carried away, saved the queen from the vikings, and plans to do far more.

She has a pretty normal life.

Robin OUT.

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