Monday, July 22, 2013

Roll 'Em!

Last week 
Robin didst start the first of two weeks of filming on her latest feature film.
(Did we mention that she does have an alter-ego who is an actress?)

She managed to melt her fake leather jacket, impersonate Captain America, get kidnapped,
run into a bunk bed, do some stunt driving, and loose her watch.
It was a pretty good week.

The film is was a spoof of an old TV Show, and Robin was cast to be the lead role three years ago. This will be the third and final film in the trilogy, and Robin can't wait to film the rest of it this week!
She laughed, she cried, and she danced and got to be Captain America - life cannot get better then that!!

Filming was scheduled months ago...the fact that it was over 100 degrees F outside during the shoot did not denture the fantastic cast - Robin included. It did however, proceed to melt her jacket.
Apparently fake leather cannot take temperatures over 80 F. Who knew?
Even better is the fact it completely melted down to only the lining...underneath her armpits...

The film involved several dramatic escape scenes, where in several actors got to stuff themselves into a car trunk and be driven away. Did you know that it's almost impossible to fit four people in a Pontiac trunk??

Did you know that throwing heavy shield props at actors who are not heavily padded is a bad idea?
Robin was told this and not aloud to touch her shield again.
But it was an awesome shot!
(seriously, no one was inured, Robin was very careful about that)
(The captain Amrica bit will be in a Music Video on youtoube later this summer)

Robin's character has a new love interest in this film, and it turns out one of her alter-ego's good friends was cast to play the part....they did have fun with the scenes.
Batman may have to kill him.
'Bismarck' as the love interest shall be called here in, had a lovely tie...that Robin decided would make a good leash. She did take him for a long walk around the set, but decided that a horse was more to her liking, so Bismarck decided he would gallop away with her into the sunset...quite literally.
Robin's alter-ego has to stop being carried away by her on-screen love interests.
   There were also adventures with the little Gnome who appears somewhere in the background of every scene (who tapped to the hood of the race car),
and getting locked in the tunnel entrance on set (for a half of a very sweaty hour),
and chasing bad guys (and being chased by bad guys)
and cameras falling on actors (only the odd them all)
and the little Ken Doll who became someone's body double (he was almost as handsome...and he ate less)
...and more melting....

But Robin will not bore you will all the details - she wants you to watch the film you know!!

The End

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