Monday, July 29, 2013

Into Glory

 Robin rescued a parachutist.
She was thrown in a detention cell, climbed into a tree stump,  threatened her father, ran wildly through the woods, was thrown out of her bunk bed, lived through an explosion, and was shot by her brother. Multiple times.

She loves film magic.

There's something about seeing people come together and break out of their shells to contribute heart and soul that she just
can't find anywhere else!
And you know what -- that's what keeps her coming back.

Robin spent the last week filming the first part of a two week shoot - this week she's filming the second half.
Today the cast got to climb down into a tunnel inside a tree stump. It was sandy and Robin ended up with sand in her pockets.
They also got to shove the 'injured' actor down the stump headfirst.
It was only slightly too small for his shoulders and they only ripped his jacket a little.

She then was able to 'romp' (or trip) through the woods at the head of her gang in search of a downed pilot, who was hung up in a tree next to a bed sheet. He turned out to be impossible to get down, but the whole gang made a valiant effort to get him out of the limbs.
So much so they ended up wearing much more of the tree then the tree was.

They then got to film in a little pen in a very old barn. Once it was told to them that the pen had been used to hold calves, but that was a very long time ago....and unfortunately, smells like that don't age well.
They had to duck to get into the cell, and to get out they climbed over the wall using a very old and very rickety ladder.It was the precarious hay bale step stool on the other side that made a fellow actor fall on Robin's head. She has a 'little' bruise.

Of course no film is complete with out the token bombing, which took place in the Barracks...and Robin got to fling herself off the bunk. She only got stuck on the side once or twice.

Robin OUT.

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