Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh Canada!!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Elanna and I am a modern day Super-Sidekick.
I go by the code name
and for the record,
I hate the color red.
Robin will now refer to herself in the third person.

My life is pretty standard....if you work as a vigilante in Gotham City, dance on moving cars, catch spies and daylight with a joust troupe.
What follows shall be the tales of my life. For reasons of interest, I shall mix the true and the fiction. Although, you know what they say - fact is stranger then fiction!!
And in my case it's rather true.

Recently I returned from visiting Batman in Ottawa. (That's Canadian Ottawa) And let me say, it was a fantastic trip...with a few normal misadventures along the way.

It all started with Robin reached the airport. She was traveling in her alter ego as an up and coming film actress, so as not to arouse the public's suspicion. As the Bat-Jet was in for repairs (and Batman currently has it) She was taking a commercial flight to Ottawa, and though she had not traveled on this flight before, she felt fairly confident she would have no problems.
Boy was she wrong.
At first she though maybe it was the fact she was striding through the airport rather determinedly (as though she knew her way) , that brought the first few passersby to her side with questions. Apparently not, however, for when she had finally found her gate of departure, the folks kept right on coming.
Robin repressed the urge to tell them she was off duty.
She valiantly told all who asked that this was her first time in the airport and she didn't know where the bus terminal was located, nor where the customs gate was, nor where gate B5 could be found, or how to eat Popsicles.
Ok, she may not have told them the last one.
After fending off the civilians who thronged to her side, she boarded the plane with no problems and took of into the wild blue yonder!
But it was not the end of her adventure.
For besides visiting Batman, Robin was flying to Ottawa to attend a Renaissance Faire (her alter ego, the actress, works many of these as a princess or duchess - like in Disney land)
As a princess, the only job you have is to entertain millions! Or at least millions of little children who flock to you. Perhaps Robin should have been taking notes at the airport.
Either way, she was entirely unprepared for the number of adoring little fans she did acquire at this faire.
Our favorite modern day Super-Sidekick not only charmed the little ones, but she preformed a 'daring rescue' (and her good deed for the day) by helping reunite a very lost little princess with her frantic mother.
Being a super-sidekick, Robin knew that all little girls are fascinated with princesses, especially real life ones - so she simply knelt down and talked with the young one for a few moments, and the delighted little girl was more then happy to show the 'Pretty Princess' where she had last seen her mother. The little one's mother was overjoyed to see her youngest daughter again!
Robin is of the opinion she didn't do much, though her Mother says otherwise.
Next in line was the joust - by Robin's joust troupe- which she was required to attend when several young ladies asked to sit with her.
Her handmaiden was most frustrated as Robin kept giving up her seat to the throngs of little girls who wanted to sit with her.
Oh, and she attracted several young knights to her side as well.
One young gentleman, he must have been six or seven - did take hold of her hand, bow and say to her, "My lady, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."
She was most flattered.
And wondered if he had a good father or a bad father for teaching him that.
One young princess even made her a portrait... and not one, but TWO young girls returned the next day dressed in blue just to match Robin.
And of course she got to spend time with Batman.
But even there the adventures did not end....
For when Batman and Robin went out to eat with their good friends, they all did get lost. But this adventure was less exciting as Batman was driving and Robin did not feel she had to worry in the Batmobile.

Incidentally, Robin did not get mobbed by people on her way back through the airport.
The End
For now

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